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  • Horseback Riding

    Taziry is known for breeding the finest Arabian horses in Siwa. Create your own journey with the support of our expert desert guides by selecting your travel destination to the midst of the White Desert for an overnight trip. Choose your full day package savoring a meal at an inspiring location in the desert and returning back under the magnificent sunset sky. Every moment of the experience will be filled with breathtaking views including springs and astonishing dunes of the Great Sand Sea.

  • Desert Safaris & Camping

    The Great Sand Sea surrounding Siwa is a haven for Safari lovers.  Moving dunes and spectacular desert treks lend themselves to the most exciting and dare-devilish rides in the whole of Egypt. The local 4x4 drivers are singular examples of cinema stunt drivers.  Have an unforgettable meal in the desert or barbecue your favorite kind of meat.  If you are a true desert lover, you can choose to camp overnight and enjoy the wonderful moonlight and pristine serenity of the desert by night.

  • Camel Safaris

    Taziry is equipped to offer its visitors camel safaris in the White Desert.  Individual or caravan groups, led by our expert desert guides, leave the resort for full day excursions in the vast desert expanses surrounding Siwa. Package include enjoying a meal in the mid-desert, having a bonfire with snacks in the early evening, after having fully observed the sunset from vantage points.

  • Sand-Boarding

    Enjoy the beautiful experience of Sandboarding down the proverbial dunes of the Great Sand Sea around Siwa.

  • Wildlife and Bird Watching

    Siwa offers its visitors a wide variety of flora and fauna.  It also lies on the migrating path of some famous bird species.  The flora encompasses a great deal of plants and herbs that have particular medicinal properties.  The fauna include gazelles (dorcas and slender-horn), desert cats, foxes, jackals, snakes, reptiles, amphibians and insects.  Local and migrating birds include exotic varieties such as pink flamencos.

  • Star-Gazing

    The sky in Siwa, particularly in the beginning of the lunar cycle, is so clear that it offers star-gazers a unique opportunity to examine, recognize and locate the various planets, stars and constellations with a great deal of ease.