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  • Amira & Zane Egypt & Latvia
    11 Nov, 2012 top

    "We`ve been travelling around together for 2 weeks and have experienced some amazing stuff together. Upon reflecting together, we decided that Siwa was the highlight of our trip, or more specifically, Taziry. You guys made us feel at home in a the home of our dreams. We experienced such peace and beauty in Taziry of tremendous intensity!"

  • Gudrun With Kati Bachleitner Austria
    09 Jan, 2012 top

    "Back home and today back at work I am dreaming, I am longing for what
    we have experienced and lived in Taziry, I think of the feelings and
    communication we participated in, I think of the emotions this all caused me
    and I think of the friends found under the sky full of stars and in the winter
    sun trying to warm our wounded heart -

    It was just great!

    I never forget what Taziry and its surroundings gave me!"

  • Miriam & Marco Krechting Netherlands
    20 Dec, 2011 top

    "We spend four days in Siwa just before Christmas 2011. Never seen
    a more peaceful place then Taziry Lodge. This is a must go if you like the
    silence, walking and bird watching. The rooms are basic but clean. You get used
    to living without electricity. Taziry staff is most friendly and qualified. We
    were surprised about the quality of the food which is prepared with love. From
    the lodge we travelled the oasis which is wonderful and quiet, with very
    friendly people. The best driver of Siwa, "the desert fox", took us
    for a wonderful trip along the sand dunes of the Western Desert. Makes you mint
    tea and shows you the highlights in the desert, including the warm water
    spring. Certainly a place to visit for a second time"

  • Teresa Wohlschlag Switzerland
    11 Jan, 2011 top

    "La simplicité de la vie et la beauté de la nature que l`on goûte chez vous sont pour moi le plus grand des luxes. Luxe auquel s`ajoute un service discret et irréprochable et une cuisine à la fois saine et raffinée. Encore merci. Je souhaite que ce joyau de petit village puisse prospérer en conservant intacte sa douce et magique pureté."

  • Cappagli Argentine
    14 Nov, 2010 top

    "Absolutely everything was outstanding. The place is extremely pleasant and the people wonderful. Everything was planned with a lot of style. Ofcourse everything came out perfectly well. Thank you very much and I hope to see you soon."

  • Nuria Triana Spain
    14 May, 2010 top

    “This is a very special place. The buildings, the deco, art everywhere. The staff are very, very lovely. We’ve had a wonderful time.”

  • Jaques & Stephanie France
    18 Oct, 2010 top

    "Nous avons apprécié de gouter les spécialités culinaires locales que nous avons trouvé délicieuses. Toutes nos félicitations au chef. Nous ne pouvons que nous féliciter d’avoir choisi Taziry pour notre voyage de noces."

  • Umar Farouk Ben Anas Egypt
    24 Sep, 2009 top

    "The customer service was absolutely Spot on!! I am very satisfied with the level of service provided and overall very good value for money. Highly recommended for all"

  • Wasana Punyasena USA
    24 Sep, 2009 top

    “This was an ideal weekend. An amazing place. I would love to come back again and will recommend this place to friends.”

  • Florence, Louis & Adele Eichel France
    23 Apr, 2009 top

    "Taziry is a very special place, a paradise in the desert! Everyone here is very warm and kind. The food is very good and everything is so quiet. Congratulations for preserving the Siwi culture and traditions. This was an unforgettable trip in the heart of the desert..."

  • Florent & Fiulla France
    21 Apr, 2009 top

    "Leaving Taziry is a tearful step to take. Our stay here has been one of peace, pleasure and joy. Thank you for all of your attentions as for making our passage here unforgettable. Alive will be the images of the surrounding features of the Taziry, the lakes and the mountains, the Siwi, architecture and beautiful decorations, the candle light path accompanying us through diner and the most delicate smiles of all staff that have attended us for our journey in this loving and peaceful space."

  • Fabian, Alejandro & Agustin Barbano Spain
    20 Apr, 2009 top

    "Staying here is more than just another hotel experience, it is being in close and real contact with nature and culture!"

  • Alain France
    26 Feb, 2008 top

    "Lors d’un retour de voyage dans le désert, mon père m’avait dit qu’il avait rencontré la Vie, Siwa m’a tout simplement donné l’occasion d’apprécier à leur juste valeur les mots de mon père."

  • 26 Oct, 2008 top

    "Pour ma troisième venue, je continue à goûter l’immense plaisir de partager des moments inoubliables en un lieu et avec des êtres hors du commun.  Notre plaisir est d’ailleurs assuré par un service et une amabilité sans faille. Nous prions pour que cette réception et son excellence se perpétuent et continuent de nous enchanter."

  • 02 Jun, 2007 top

    "A true oasis!Time has a different meaning and we really feel connected with the environment. There is a peace that is difficult to find... and the night sky! The welcome was warm, genuine and continued until the time of departure. All the staff was a pleasure to associate with. The food was "of the place" which made its taste even better. Taziry will grow and blossom as all good things do in this oasis. All good wishes and best hopes for far growing success."

  • 26 Apr, 2007 top

    "There is no word to say how the `séjour` in Taziry Lodge is convenient.

    Non si può descrivere l"ospitalità della squadra.

    Que ce soit au niveau du logement ou au niveau de la restauration tout mérite éloge."