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The Ecolodge

We are situated 16 km west of the city centre, deep in the western Desert next to El Maraky Village at the footstep of the Red Mountain (Adrar Azugagh). It is facing the famous White Mountain (Adrar Amillal), also called Gaafar Mountain, and the vast Ghary Lake trimmed at the horizon by the beautiful forests of Fatnas.

Taziry, or "full moon" in the local Amazighian dialect, is a Siwan ecolodge with an extra special touch of style, comfort and service. It has been built with local natural materials in accordance with the Siwi ancestral construction method. Doors and windows are ideally positioned to capture the desert breeze, eliminating the need for air-conditioning. Oil lamps and candles are used for illumination giving the place a quaint and cosy poetic atmosphere. The salty soil of the oasis is called "karshif " in Berber. It is used by the locals to build their traditional mud brick houses, which employ mud as mortar and plastering. The ceilings are made from dried palm tree trunks and wooden beams.


The Eco-Village

Taziry village is a pioneer project in sustainable development and green growth, which we strive to accomplish in 3 different ways: cultural heritage, environment awareness, and livelihood improvement.

Our architecture is representative of the traditional Siwan method of construction, which is using entirely natural, environment friendly elements of structure and design. These methods that we are striving to bring around are slowly being forsaken by the local Siwans, who are nonetheless realizing the drawbacks of the modern building systems on their homes.  Taziry holds a mosque in its premise built according to strictly traditional Siwan structural design, second only to the old remnants of the antique mosque next to the Temple of the Oracle. In addition, Taziry undertook a project of renovating an old villa at the footsteps of the ruins of Shali. The Senoussi Villa is now an authentic example of a traditional Siwan house with modern infrastructure, with a rooftop terrace overlooking the whole city.

Moreover, we are continuously looking for alternative renewable energy sources. As we are only using candles and oil lamps for lighting, solar energy solutions are soon to be implemented for water heating and other energy purposes. Taziry Village’s alternative living philosophy does not leave aside an ecological source of food supply. This is why we develop a farm to cultivate and harvest all things organic: bovines, poultry and fish, cereal grains, fruits and vegetables. These are used in our ecolodge cuisine where we cater only organic ingredients. Besides, Taziry works closely with the community through education and fair trade principles to shift entirely to organic agriculture.

We also hold a stud where we breed pure Arabian horses. Equestrians and horse experts from around the world are in charge of taming and expanding this breed while preserving a pure genetic inheritance. Likewise, a camel breed is being preserved and grown at the compound of Taziry. These along with horses can be ridden by our guests in some fascinating Safari trips, and represent nature adjusted alternative to transportation.

A grand library is being completed where an arsenal of books, archives and tutors will endeavor to take part in an era of illumination. Scholars from Siwa and around the world would learn the traditional arts such as poetry, calligraphy, astrology …etc. In addition, we are building a gallery dedicated to all sorts of artifacts; and a market place where local Siwan products will be sold and marketed inside and outside Egypt in view of reviving the local craftsmanship and art techniques now threatened of annihilation.

Furthermore, Taziry is soon launching its solid waste management program encompassing collection, segragation and recycling of organic and non-organic waste while ensuring a safe disposal of non-organic materials. Innovative efforts to protect the beauty and sanity of Siwa's mother nature are constantly made, with the educaton of the local inhabitants to lead current and future generations towards environment awareness. 



Taziry Location

  • Taziry, El Maraky Village, Siwa, Egypt
    Taziry is situated at the footstep of the Red Mountain, 16km west of the city centre and Shali ruins.


    Taziry provides its guests with its own car transportation. We can also organize your public bus transfer. Just contact us and we shall arrange the whole trip for you...


  • Distances from Siwa:

    Marsa Matrouh : 306km     Alexandria : 600km     Cairo : 752km     Baharia : 420km

  • To Taziry by Car :

    • 120 km on the Cairo – Alexandria desert road until the junction of the Alamein highway.
    • 132 km on the Alamein highway till the North Coast International highway.
    • 165 km on the North Coast International highway till the TAM oil Gas station 15 km before Marsa Matrouh.
    • 25 km left on the Barrani – Salloum International highway.
    • 295 km left on the Siwa highway all till you reach the Safi Natural Water plant.
    • 15 km right at the Taziry sign and follow the successive signs till you reach the resort.

    Please note that there are no Gas stations, supermarkets or restaurants on the road from Marsa Matruh to Siwa!

  • To Taziry by Bus:

    Via Marsa Matrouh From Cairo with West Delta Bus to Marsa Matrouh. Continue with the West Delta Bus to Siwa.
    Via Alexandria There are 3 West Delta Buses from Alexandria to Marsa Matrouh.