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Taziry Wellness

This program has been conceived to:

Offer wellness services: Nutrition programs, regenerative medicine and rehabilitation sessions such as sand-bathing in the smooth healing hot summer sands and bathing in sulfuric thermal waters along with olive and essential oils massages.

Taziry Stud

“And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew His breath over it, and created the horse. Thou shall fly without wings, Oh Horse!” The Arabian horse is a dreamlike creature that will always inspire by their beauty, character and strength. At Taziry Stud, we breed pure Arabian horses, who fit in their perfect habitat of Siwa Oasis. From trotting on the plane terrains across the olive and palm tree farms, to galloping over the proverbial sand dunes of the Great Sand Sea, Taziry horses are trained to deliver the most memorable journeys a rider could dream of."


Desert Safaris

The Great Sand Sea surrounding Siwa is a haven for Safari lovers. Taziry works with local 4×4 Safari guides, to organize superb excursions in the desert, for a full-day, an overnight dinner, or a sunset spin. Prepare yourself to swim in salt lakes, fresh basins and sulfuric hot springs. Enjoy the exciting experience of sand-boarding during the trip, down the steepest dunes for extreme riders or milder ones for the amateurs. The Great Sea of Sand is furthermore a haven of testimonies from ancient natural phenomena and marine life existence in Siwa, over thousands of years ago: petrified forests, meteorites, fossilized sea-shells, whale spines …and more! Moving dunes and spectacular desert treks lend themselves to the most exciting and dare-devilish rides in the whole of Egypt. The local 4×4 drivers are singular examples of cinema stunt drivers. Have an unforgettable meal in the desert or barbecue your favourite kind of meat. If you are a true desert lover, you can choose to camp overnight and enjoy the wonderful moonlight and pristine serenity of the desert by night. During the full-day tour day you will see:

  • Bahey El Dine: A small village 20 kms away from Siwa beyond the village of Maraky. It is predominantly inhabited by Arab tribes of non-Berber origin and overlooks the beautiful panoramic salt lake Bahey El Dine.

  • Shiata: 25km away from Siwa in the desert and 8km beyond Sidi Saleh, the famous local Saint buried in the middle of the desert, lies lake Shiata surrounded by palm groves and availing the visitor a beautiful isolated spot to enjoy the day in the calm and serene natural surroundings.

  • Bir Wahed: This is a hot spring in the dunes of the edge of the desert and is situated 12 km southwest from Siwa. You can swim in the hot spring in the middle of the desert and enjoy the soothing effect of the sulphur water. On the way, you will refresh in the cold spring, which is in fact lake-sized with very fresh and clean water. Watching the sunset over the dunes while soaking in a hot spring is a surreal experience.

  • The Petrified Forests: Witness first-hand the effect of time on beautiful tree formations! Stones with pieces of petrified wood and pebbles of different earthy tones adorn this wonderful forest in the midst of the Great Sand Sea.
Taziry Ecolodge Activities (4 Nights Program)

Taziry Ecolodge Activities (4 Nights Program)

West Siwa Sustainable Urban Plan

Taziry is developing a whole sustainable urban plan for the region of Siwa which will attract individual and organizations from around the world to be part of a movement that will make the oasis of Siwa one of the most prominent green settlements in the world.

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Taziry Ecovillages World

Our mission is to replicate the Taziry concept throughout the world, in naturally preserved areas, while sustainably exploring the natural resources to the benefit of the local community.

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At Taziry, we serve North African/Siwan cuisine, which was claimed by our guests as one of the best in Egypt. Our chef is present at both ends of the culinary spectrum, catering vegetables, fruits, oils, honey, jams, eggs, milk, meats, poultry and fish from our home grown 100% organic farms. While our objective is to be fully self-sufficient in nutrition; we are constantly innovating to create a brand cuisine for Taziry, aiming high quality standards of health and taste.

The drinking water is from our local spring, considered as the richest in Siwa for its benefic minerals, filtered and filled in naturally freshening pottery jars.