Taziry Activities Program

Taziry activities program 4 nights 5 days

Taziry Activities Program : 4 Nights 5 Days

Desert Safaris

The Great Sand Sea surrounding Siwa is a haven for Safari lovers. Taziry works with local 4×4 Safari guides, to organize superb excursions in the desert, for a full-day, an overnight dinner, or a sunset spin. Prepare yourself to swim in salt lakes, fresh basins and sulfuric hot springs. Enjoy the exciting experience of sand-boarding during the trip, down the steepest dunes for extreme riders or milder ones for the amateurs.

The Great Sea of Sand is furthermore a haven of testimonies from ancient natural phenomena and marine life existence in Siwa, over thousands of years ago: petrified forests, meteorites, fossilized sea- shells, whale spines ...and more! Moving dunes and spectacular desert treks lend themselves to the most exciting and dare-devilish rides in the whole of Egypt. The local 4×4 drivers are singular examples of cinema stunt drivers.

Have an unforgettable meal in the desert or barbecue your favourite kind of meat. If you are a true desert lover, you can choose to camp overnight and enjoy the wonderful moonlight and pristine serenity of the desert by night. During the full-day tour day you will see:


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Taziry Activities Program

4 Nights 5 Days